The world is waiting for Julian Fellowes’€™s BELGRAVIA

Since the news broke in early January of Julian Fellowes’€™s innovative project, BELGRAVIA, the response has been amazing. The buzz is building around this brand new story, set in the 19th century, and fans around the world are already sharing their excitement. The opening episode €“– which you’€™ll be able to read free of charge –€“ will be ready in April.

We’€™re sorry to make you wait, but while Julian is putting the finishing touches to his vibrant cast of characters and the twists and turns of a story that will have you hooked, why don’€™t you find out more about the world of BELGRAVIA on our Facebook page?

Did you miss any of the news so far?

The New York Times calls BELGRAVIA ‘€˜appointment reading’€™.

Entertainment Weekly says Julian, creator of Downton Abbey, is staying ‘€˜true to his sensibilities’€™.

And then, of course, the Guardian cleverly coined the phrase ‘€˜Downton Appy’€™.

We’€™ll keep you up to date over the coming weeks until the release of the first episode so you’€™ll know everything about BELGRAVIA first. And here’€™s Julian himself telling you a little more about his inspiration for BELGRAVIA.

Julian 2