Welcome to Julian Fellowes’s BELGRAVIA

We are delighted to welcome woman&home readers to this exciting new reading concept  – BELGRAVIA – a wonderful new story from Julian Fellowes, creator of Downton Abbey, which is being released weekly via a free app on your PC, tablet or phone. We have read it all and can’€™t recommend it highly enough. You will be gripped from start to finish as you navigate your way through 11 weeks of Julian Fellowes’€™s gripping story of secrets and scandal set in 1840s London, complete with twists and turns and cliffhanger endings. You can listen to each episode read by Juliet Stevenson which comes free in the app, or you can switch to reading mode or alternate between the two. And do enjoy the wonderful bonus features including the map of Belgravia and the family tree that grows as you meet the characters!

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To read the first chapter of Julian Fellowes’s BELGRAVIA for free, and to experience the bonus features and audio read by Juliet Stevenson, visit the homepage.