NT-leaf-logo-whiteJulian Fellowes’s BELGRAVIA is not just set in the leafy boulevards of London’€™s Belgravia. The Trenchard and Brockenhurst families have country seats which feature in the story, both based on real National Trust properties –€“ Montacute House in Somerset and Attingham Park in Shropshire.  In addition to their appearance in the story, behind-the-scenes information on the houses will also appear in the Bonus Features as part of the app. The National Trust is delighted to be an affiliate partner working with Orion to bring the story and extraordinary historical period to life.


EIC logoThe East India Company played a pivotal role in world history, and the Company would have been familiar to the characters that populate BELGRAVIA. You’€™ll discover snippets of the Company€’s history in later chapters of BELGRAVIA, and alongside the release of every episode we’€™ll feature a ‘Perfect Pairing€’ that matches a character from BELGRAVIA to one of The East India Company’s unique and innovative products – perhaps an energising tea or a restorative infusion, or even a buttery biscuit made from exotic ingredients. You can find out more information about the East India Company online.


We are delighted to announce that we are working with Angels Costumes, the Bafta-winning costumiers, and who incidentally were also around in 1841, who have allowed us to photograph relevant original outfits from 1815 and 1841 for the app bonus features and additional promotional opportunities.