Julian Fellowes Brings the Serial into the Digital Age

 Ground-breaking new project will see story published in weekly chapters on immersive app

Downton Abbey creator Julian Fellowes and Orion Publishing are delighted to announce an exciting new publishing project that has its roots in the writing of Dickens, Hardy and Gaskell.

Julian Fellowes’s BELGRAVIA will launch in April 2016 and will marry cutting edge technology with the age-old art of storytelling.  A free, immersive app containing the first episode of Julian’s new story will be available to download to smartphones and tablets from Google Play and iTunes App Stores, or via www.julianfellowesbelgravia.com.

A further ten episodes will be released week by week, building up the story in bite-sized instalments complete with twists and turns and cliffhanger endings.  Each episode can be bought individually for £1.49 or on subscription for £9.99, with the reader receiving an alert when the next one is available.  When the final episode has been released, Julian Fellowes’s BELGRAVIA will be published as a £18.99 hardback for traditional readers.

The episodes can also be listened to as audiobooks, and the reader will be able to switch within the app between reading and listening at any stage.  Each episode will contain extra content around the story such as video, music, character portraits, maps of Belgravia, background information on the history of the period, fashions, family trees and exclusive competitions.  These will also be found at www.julianfellowesbelgravia.com.