An East India Company ‘Perfect Pairing’ for Episode 5

Stephen BellasisJasmine Pearls


Episode 5: Jasmine Pearls Green Tea

The perfect harmony of aromatic florals and lively young tea buds that unfurl in the cup, Jasmine Pearls Green Tea releases a delicate and soothing jasmine scent. The East India Company’s jasmine tea pearls are made from handpicked lu-cha green tea leaves. The leaves are then scented with jasmine blossoms before being hand-rolled into delicate silver pearls. High in antioxidants, this tea is said to be excellent for the complexion, while aiding digestion and slowing the ageing process.

The Hon. Rev. Stephen Bellasis would have needed a cup of this soothing tea following his disastrous night at the gambling tables. Perhaps a little less port and a little more tea would have kept him out of trouble!

Visit The East India Company online and discover more about this week’s perfect pairing, we’ll take a gamble that you’re a fan of China tea.