An East India Company ‘Perfect Pairing’ for Episode 4

Lady MariaStrawberries & Cream Chocolate Thins


Episode 4: Strawberry & Cream White Chocolate Thins

Guaranteed to charm the palate and beguile the senses, The East India Company’s Strawberry & Cream White Chocolate Thins are a mouth-watering blend of whole strawberries and creamy white chocolate. Made to The Company’s own couverture, this delightful treat is the perfect accompaniment to a cup of black tea.

We first meet the lovely Lady Maria Grey in Episode 4. Sweet and charming, she certainly beguiles our young hero, Charles Pope, as they take refuge on the balcony at Lady Brockenhurst’s soirée.

Visit The East India Company online and experience this week’s perfect pairing – can you resist the lure of strawberries and cream?
Strawberries & Cream Chocolate Thins