An East India Company ‘Perfect Pairing’ – Episode 11


Edmund BellasisThe Imperial Qing Lapsang Souchong Fine Black Leaf Tea

The Imperial Qing Lapsang Souchon is a tea shrouded in smoke and mystery. During the Qing Dynasty in China, an army occupied a tea factory and threw the workers out. When at last the workers returned to the factory, they realised that there was not enough time to get the tea to market if dried in the normal way. Improvising, they dried the tea quickly on an open fire, not only saving time, but imparting a pine smoke flavour to the tea. Being both unfamiliar and intriguing to the palate, it proved extremely popular.

The mystery surrounding events leading up to the Duchess of Richmond’s ball is finally revealed. Will Edmund be redeemed? Settle down with a restoring cup of tea and a sweet treat or two and enjoy the final episode of Julian Fellowes’s BELGRAVIA.

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