An East India Company ‘Perfect Pairing’ – Episode 10

Susan TrenchardCherry, Chocolate Chip and Chilli Sweet Biscuits

Intriguing and tantalising even to the most experienced of taste buds. The East India Company’s Cherry, Chocolate Chip & Chilli Biscuits are made by artisans in Yorkshire to The Company’s own secret recipe. Inspired by the aromatic spices and rich ingredients carried aboard seventeenth-century merchant ships, these delicious biscuits are a fusion of vibrant chilli, fruity cherry and rich milk chocolate. A must-try for adventurous and daring spirits.

Susan Trenchard’s adventurous pursuit of her goal has come to an unsatisfactory end, but in a daring twist she changes quarry. Intriguing!

Visit The East India Company online and enjoy this week’s perfect pairing, a delicious treat for even the most experienced of taste buds.